Authentic Voice

Individual Authentic Voice sessions focus on enquiry through sound, felt sense awareness and dialogue.  Dropping below entrenched beliefs, stories or confusion into direct experience, here and now, enables the deep natural wisdom of the body to reveal itself - to be heard.

My enduring interest in working with the transformative nature of sound and the embodied, relational, subtle field led me to develop a one to one therapeutically-oriented Authentic Voice practice in the 90’s. 

Authentic Voice sessions offer a place for enquiry and reflection in a safe, confidential and supported environment.  Learning more about ourselves can be the most valuable journey we will ever undertake.  

It's over 30 years since I started working with the direct-ness and revealing-ness of the human voice.  This powerful and integrative way of working has challenged me to integrate my life journey, path of meditation and professional background in arts, health and education.


I grew up influenced by the oral tradition of the North East of Scotland where songs and story-telling create a holistic form of expression - a sharing where connection, presence in the joint field of giving and receiving is a central part of the gift.

As a young woman I had the privilege of experiencing sound as a vehicle of direct communication capable of crossing cultural barriers through touring extensively and recording as an early member of the Battlefield Band.     

I subsequently graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) where I studied diverse aspects of voice, 10 hours a week, for 3 years.

As a community health worker in South Australia I found myself pioneering the emerging field of arts and health.  As cutting edge trauma and neurological research illustrates, sound works on a subtle level within our bodies, calming the nervous system and supporting the integration of unconscious and frozen energies.  The voice can allow us to access aspects of ourselves we may struggle to know or'hear. 

Working with Authentic Voice led me to study Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute which offers a depth training in a mindfulness based psychotherapy.  A blend of eastern and western approaches, Core Process works to establish a resourced and ongoing relationship with the body-mind.

Having completed the Karuna Post Qualification training in 2009, I'm a diplomate in Core Process Psychotherapy and am registered as a candidate in training with the UKCP working towards full UKCP registration and an MA.  I run a small psychotherapy practice in Edinburgh.


With it's focus on resource and embodied awareness, authentic voice offers a rich path of enquiry and creativity.



'And did you get what

you wanted from this life, even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself

beloved on the earth.’

( Raymond Carver from ‘Last Fragment’ )


No previous voice use is necessary. 

I have also worked with a diverse range of organisations in the public and private sectors using Authentic Voice to address a variety of issues.

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